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Please join us for the
Eccentric Artists Garden Tour

Grab your spring-fever and take yourself on a tour of enchantment through the eccentric gardens of 14 Boulder artists. Visit the Boulder Public Library Canyon Gallery and see how 30 painters and sculptors were inspired by these 14 artists’ gardens. Then head home and plant seeds of inspiration in your own garden!

Sunday June 4th 2006,
10am – 6pm

The gardens of 14 of Boulder’s most unique and eccentric artists.

Buy a guidebook for $12 and tour the gardens of 14 Boulder artists. All gardens are free and open to the public.

Guidebook sale locations:
Espress-Oh! Bar on the Bridge of the Boulder Public Library,
Boulder Arts and Crafts Co-op
, and
Sturtz & Copeland.

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For the past year, 14 Boulder artists have opened their gardens to 30 painters and sculptors.On June 4 th, the public will have their own chance to tour these 14 gardens, meet the artist-gardeners, and talk to painters demonstrating plein-air painting in the gardens.

From baroque to eclectic, from funky to elegant, these gardens span all styles and offer many ideas to gardeners searching for inspiration in their own spaces. Our mission is to cross-pollinate the visions of gardeners with those of artists, and to germinate seeds of inspiration, which will sprout into artistic flights of fancy in your own garden. Please join us.  You may find that your own garden and life will change! community.

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...take yourself on a tour of enchantment...
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Photos by Sue Rigdon

“From the humor of artistically planted silk flowers, to the sheer unexpectedness of garden design, the Eccentric Garden Tour is an eye-opening experience for any gardener or garden-goer. The last tour was SO much fun! People haven’t seen any other gardens quite like these!”
Allison Moore, BCAA

“We live in a blue-jean culture out here in the West, and our gardens don’t need to be formal. Our gardens can be whimsical and casual, reflections of comfortable-ness and of people who like to play in the dirt.” Cha Cha


"Our intent is to cross-pollinate the down-to-earth practice of gardening with the vision of artists, thus joining the two pursuits in a germination of new inspirations. If more people became gardeners and more gardeners became artists, it could be a contagious movement. Who knows if your garden will grow into paintings or your sculptures will sprout leaves and blossoms? And if one community can successfully blur the boundaries between landscape and artscape, just think of the rippling effect as it takes off across the world."
Rebecca DiDomenico