Baby and found objects
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Buddha and ball
Eccentric Artists Gardens banner a child we see the wonder and awe within us all...
Len Barron


 The yard was mostly dirt with several trees when I moved in.  After a year, some green popped out of the earth and I brought in some rocks.  One day at a garage sale I picked up something, brought it home and placed it in the yard.  The collecting, the finding the right spot, and the splashes of color have continued now for 14 years.  I especially like that little kids and grandmas look at the garden
and smile.

My work in education and theatre is inspired by:

a) The imaginative genius of all a child we see the wonder and awe within us all.

b) The love that parents feel for their children.  Whatever its frailties, that relationship remains our grandest expression of love and support.

These two articles of faith sustain my work and my personal life.

Len Barron


601 Canyon Blvd.
(in the east alley on 6th Street between Canyon and Pearl)
Boulder, CO 80302



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Buddha and panda
Buddha and ball
Buddha and panda